This Is Our Mission

Contribute to the global development of contemporary art.

Our mission is to actively contribute to the global development of contemporary art, as ambassadors of cultural diversity across the globe, with a commitment to meeting the highest organizational and artistic standards.

Permanent and Temporary Exhibitions

29 Arts In Progress is a contemporary art gallery active in the production, organization and implementation of permanent and temporary exhibitions of artistic and cultural value.

Promotion and Organization

29 Arts In Progress fosters the development of talented contemporary artists through the promotion and organization of international contemporary art exhibitions by bringing together art critics, curators and external consultants in original and prestigious locations across the globe.

Exploring and Investing

29 Arts In Progress  sells works of art in collaboration with artists, art galleries and intermediaries, as well as to companies interested in exploring and investing in the art world.

29 Arts In Progress selects the most exclusive international locations, where interest for contemporary art merges with high caliber collectors and potential investors, bringing cultural diversity and artistic value to emerging and established markets.


29 Arts In Progress provides extensive artistic knowledge and a vast network of privileged relationships with international artists, representatives of the world of culture, organizations and institutions in a dynamic synergy that maximizes the networking potential for high caliber collectors in each cultural operation we produce.
29 Arts In Progress produces our exhibitions, alongside and in accordance with curators, chief executive officers and directors of museums and exhibition halls, providing an ongoing professional presence from concept to closure for every event, attentively managing the relevant scientific, organizational, economic and media pillars.
29 Arts In Progress offers a comprehensive service for every detail, from the identification of the best location, design and fit out, to the organization, promotion and communication of the event, including the realization of the catalogue and all the technical and organizational services, i.e. transport and insurance for the works in exhibition.


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