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Ronald Martinez Profilo

Ronald Martinez is an author and photographer born on February 28, 1978, in Annecy, France. For twenty years he has confronted light and its infinite nuances, all while developing his photographer’s eye. It is this constant and rigorous attention that he brings in order to create Divine Nudes, a series of inspired pieces where the artist has literally succeeded in painting light.

From 2001 to 2010, he refined his virtuous technique thanks to numerous photographic experiences. During this time, Ronald went to New York in order to take advantage of the strong urban identity of the metropolis. When he returned, fifteen black and white pieces were shown in a gallery during several exhibitions. In 2010, he worked as a photographer on the set for Americano, Mathieu Demy’s feature-length film in which the director starred with Salma Hayek. Shots of the two comedians were used for the film’s American movie poster .

Ronald possesses a heightened sensitivity to feminine beauty and has sought to research feminine nudes all

throughout his career. In 2009, a black and white exposition of nudes signaled the first public confrontation with his vision of the body’s beauty. Between 2011 and 2012, he began to work on his chiaroscuro technique, inspired by the pictorial innovations of the Renaissance masters.
Ronald Martinez’s view of the body is an eloquent testimony to the powerful effect that Italian Luminism left on pictorial traditions that associate chiaroscuro with transcendence.

His photographic arrangements, sometimes assuredly religious, powerfully showcase the sacred dimensions of the body. Ronald invokes contemporary implications and possibilities by running light across the deep, raw complexions of his characters, plunging them piece by piece into a twilight that gives them colossal, statuesque dimensions within the lightweight frame of the picture.

Ronald implicitly evokes postures, scenes and attitudes traditionally associated with the divinity by using only a strict and subtle minimum of hints to sow within the viewer a delicate feeling of familiarity mixed with the pleasure of sensible and sensitive reinventions.
From his use of Vermeiren blur effects and Velasquez’s transparent palette, associated with a truly synaesthetic relationship to the body, his artwork is born with a great sensory richness, wherein the flesh touches through a thin curtain of shading that veils it, exhaling a warm rose fragrance carried by harmonious chromatics with sweet, enveloping rhythms.

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