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Museum Exhibition

Lelli e Masotti. MUSICHE

May 24 – June 23, 2019

Palazzo Reale, Milano


Let us imagine walking down a corridor leading onto a long series of rooms, and that different sounds are emitted from each one. Or we might imagine standing under a large dome with lots of different kinds of music all playing together, one on top of the other.

There would appear to be infinite variations, such as the contrasts, the changes of rhythm, the accents, along with the harmonic complexity, the energy and the pathos, or indeed the silence.

Let us now pass from sounds and silence to images and the intrinsic stillness of those that capture various musical gestures; sure, they feed on the emotion and the energy of the moment, but should they not also dance?

In the encounter of different musical genres, from classical to jazz, via musical theatre, dance and improvisation, ethnic and rock performances, a corpus of images emerges whose expressive efficacy lies in its gestural nature, the sign of an ever-present musical perception of time.

On the occasion of the third edition of Photo Week, Comune di Milano – Cultura and Palazzo Reale, present the exhibition project Lelli e Masotti MUSICHE, promoted and produced together with the two artist photographers Silvia Lelli and Roberto Masotti for the evocative spaces of the Appartamento dei Principi on the first floor of Palazzo Reale.