Paolo Troilo

Known for his incredibly expressive black and white works, Troilo's highly energetic pieces are created purely by his unique tool of art - his fingers. Without any use of special effects, Troilo is able to create large finger paintings that centre around selfportraits and the multiplication or cloning of himself. His paintings are dense, primordial, physical and powerful media that prevent him from succumbing to conformity. Troilo sets the stage for the co-habitation of multiple personalities, struggling to resolve conflicts, paving the way for more complex compositions.

Born in Taranto in 1972 from Antonio and Lucia Troilo. Lives and works in Milan.
He studied Architecture and ModernLiteratureat the Florence University, then in Rome at the EuropeanInstitute of Design.
From 1997 till 2009 he worked for severalinternational advertising agencies, suchasSaatchi&Saatchi and Arnold Worldwide, as Art Director first, thenas Creative Director.
He won the mostprestigiousinternational awards in the industry, and in 2007 he wasnominated best Italian creative together with Alessandro Sabini.
Monsieur Jacques Seguela (the greatest advertising-man ever) saidabouttroilo: “I love thisguy. He knowsthatmoneyhas no ideas. Onlyideasmakemoney”.
Self-taughtartist. He starteddrawing by pencilat the age of 4, and neverstoppedsince. In April 2005 he startedhis career asprofessionalartist, and as a result of this long, unconscious stage of preparationtowards a future change, he thenstarts painting with hisfingers.
Nowweseehimdippinghisfingertipsintojars of acrylic, black and ivory, and spreading color, definitelyabandoning the “tools of the art”.
In 2011 he wasselected for the 54th Biennale di Venezia.
His work hasbeenexhibited in San Francisco, Miami, Istanbul, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Rome, Florence, Berlin, Basel, Singapore and Tel Aviv.
On April 21st 2010, in the city of Palermo (Sicily), together with Brio, theybecome the proudparents of Antonio.

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presler museum_tel aviv_march 2014
coup d’etat_san francisco 2013
the seed_istanbul 2012
ifa_berlin 2012
reaction_fabbricaeos gallery_milan 2011
action_russo gallery_rome 2011
troilo at palazzo antinori_florence 2011
troilo at galleria 5 lune_rome 2010
troilo_selve teatre_turin 2010
troilo_fabbricaeos gallery_milan 2009
troilo_gagliardi gallery_san gimignano 2009
troilo_de bonis gallery_reggio emilia 2009
troilo_visionnaire design gallery_milan 2008
troilo_anna breda art gallery_padua 2008
troilo_fabbricaeos gallery_milan 2007
contemporaneamente art gallery_parma 2007


Contemporary Istanbul 2014
Art verona 2014
Contemporary istanbul 2013
Humans among aliens_singapore_october 2013
art karlsrhue_march 2013
artefiera bologna_ january 2013
contemporary istanbul 2012
italy-china biennale 2012
cutlog contemporary art fair 2012
scope basel 2012
bel air fine art gallery geneve, porto cervo, forte dei marmi
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