Barbieri did not start his career as a photographer. What we was most drawn to in his youth was literature, theatre and film. When he moved to Paris to study under the great fashion photographer Tom Kublin, Barbieri brought with him a culture of the imagination that few others could boast. This helps explain his rapid rise to success. Barbieri’s apparently “new”, modern photographs reflect the beauty of a déjà-vu, a vast cultural heritage that adds to the originality of his work something which was not the case with other photographers, for whom “citation” meant producing poor copies or fakes. By contrast, each photograph by Barbieri is an artwork, regardless of the reason why it had been taken or of the commercial purpose it served. When we gaze at Gian Paolo Barbieri’s photographs, created in a refined and light-­‐hearted spirit, we come to experience a visual theatricality that will blot out the surroundings to allow only the pictures themselves to stand out.