Stephen Roach

Stephen Roach was born in Sydney Australia. In 1972 he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature and from then on freelanced in various occupations. Growing up at the edge of the city on a National park caused a life-long interest in nature, gardens and man’s relation to them. At first interested in poetry he moved slowly into photography and worked at various commercial studios as well as the assistant to two travelling photographers in central Australia, still doing hand coloured black and white portraits.

Self-taught in photography he began teaching photography and later became the director of the Australian Centre for Photography workshop in Sydney.

Because of his interest in traditions of landscape and Buddhism he travelled to Japan. Living in Tokyo he hitchhiked and travelled widely and had several exhibitions.

From Japan he moved to France to take up the Australian residency at the Karolyi Foundation near Vence, in the foothills behind Nice. After a year in France he was offered a studio at de Ateliers in Amsterdam where he lived for a year and began exhibiting in Europe.

Not being one for northern weather he moved to Italy in 1982, living first in Milano and then moving with his young family to Tuscany. In Italy he has found a spiritual, artistic and physical home. He is married with two grown daughters.

His personal photographic practice is concerned above all with people and nature. He has also received many commissions taking him in other directions, photographing in places such as Paris, Morocco, Mauritania and India as well as in Italy. Apart from his time at the Karolyi Foundation he has done other residencies such as at Curtin University in Australia and various times at the Anand Sarabhai studios in Ahmedabad, India. In 2016 he travelled extensively in southern India on a Find research grant.

Personal Exhibitions

1978  Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney
1980  Polaroid Gallery, Tokyo
1980  Nikon Salon, Tokyo
1981  Perspektief Galerie, Rotterdam
1982  Canon Gallery, Amsterdam
1982  Viviane Esders, Paris
1982  Fotomania, Barcelona
1986  Viviane Esders, Paris
1987  Galleria Decalage, Milan
1987  Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane
1990  Erica Underwood Gallery, Perth
1992  Uno Spazio su Misura, Milan
1994  Terra-Cielo, Castellina in Chianti
1995  Maudespace, Sydney
1995  Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad, India
1995  Studio Morra, Naples
1997  Past Rays Gallery, Yokohama
1997  Prinz Gallery, Kyoto
1997  Michael Nagy, Sydney
1998  Japanese Institute of Culture, Rome
1998  Studio Morra, Naples
1999  Baroccocontinuo, Palazzo delle Arti, Capodrise, Caserta
1999  Cuore di Seta, Studio Morra, Naples
2000  Baroccocontinuo, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney
2000  Past Rays Gallery, Yokohama
2000  Bovino, Palazzo Cera Bovino, Foggia
2001  Camino Real Gallery, Boca Raton, USA
2001  Bloom, Galleria Galica, Milan
2002  Flourish, Museo delle Terme, Rome
2002  Galerie Apicella, Cologne
2002  Conny Dietzschold, Sydney
2002  Rhapsody, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Sydney
2003  Museo Luigi Malle’, Dronero, Piedmont
2004  In Secret Shade, Donna Tribby Fine Art, West Palm Beach
2006  Conny Dietzschold, Sydney
2006  Andrea Meislin, New York
2007  Conny Dietzschold, Cologne
2008  The Magus, Multiple Box, Sydney
2008  Past Rays Gallery, Yokohama
2011  Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney
2011  Trasfigur/azione,  Kaplan’s Project, Naples
2012  The Emergence of Thought, Marion Gluck Clinic, London
2013  Ex-Pharmacy Project Room, London
2013  Past Rays Gallery, Yokohama
2014  Backstage  Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney


Group Exhibitions

1978  Young Australian Photographers, Melbourne
1979  Philip Morris Collection, Sydney
1981  De Ateliers, Amsterdam
1983  Viviane Esders, Paris
1983  2-1 Fotos in Combinatie, travelling exhibition in Holland
1984  Viviane Esders, Paris
1986  Regards Photographiques, Languedoc, France
1986  Biennale di Venezia, Art and Alchemy, Venice
1991   Presenze, Foreign Artists in Italy, Rocca Paolina, Perugia
1993  Uno Spazio su Misura, Milan
1994  Immaginaria, Arezzo
1997  Oltre il Giardino – Ephemera, Florence
2000  Snapshot, Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, USA
2001  Border Stories, 9th International Biennial of Photography, Turin
2001  Landscapes/Paesaggi, Artea, Piedemont
2001  Paper Perfect, Gallery Camino Real, Boca Raton, USA
2003  Multiple Box Gallery, Sydney
2003  Conny Dietzschold, Cologne
2004  Photo Op, Sandy Carson Gallery, Denver, Colorado
2006  Oh You Beautiful Doll,  Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York
2008  The Magus,  Australian Galleries, Sydney
2010  Accrochage,  Conny Dietzschold Gallery, Sydney



1978   Light  Vision, Australia
1979   Australian Photography, The Philip Morris Collection
1979   Halide, Australia
1980   Asahi Camera, Japan
1981   Perspektief, Holland
1981   Print Letter, Switzerland
1983   Photofile, Australia
1983   Il Sole di Mezzanotte, Selezione d’Immagini, Monza, Italy
1984   La Photographie Creative, Jean Claude Lemagny, Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris
1986   Fonds Regional d’Art Contemporain, Languedoc-Roussillon, France
1990   Photoworks, Curtin University, Perth,  (catalogue)
1991   In a Different Light, Australian Artists Working in Italy, University of Queensland Press, Brisbane
1992   Acquerelli, Milan,  (catalogue)
1994   Terra-Cielo, Castellina in Chianti,  (catalogue)
1997   Nihon Camera, Japan
1998   The Vertebrate Eye, Rome,  (catalogue)
1998   Body Matter, Naples,  (catalogue)
1999   Baroccocontinuo, Capodrise, (catalogue)
2001   Landscapes/Paesaggi, Artea, Piedmont, (catalogue)
2001   Bloom, Galica, Milan, (catalogue)
2001   Border Stories, Biennial of Photography, Turin, (catalogue)
2002   Black+White, Sydney, Australia
2002   FotoGrafia, Rome, (catalogue)
2002   Rhapsody, Sydney, (catalogue)
2003   Photofinish, Punctum Press,  Rome
2004   The New Yorker, New York
2007  Vision Magazine, Beijing, China
2008  Mediterranean, Cartier, Paris/Milan
2012 The Emergence of Thought, Carlo Cambi Editore, Italy, (catalogue)
2014  Flowers of the Night  Tasveer,  Bangalore  India  online
2015  Imaginaria Fondación Televisiva  Mexico


Public Collections

Australian National Gallery
Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris
Centre George Pompidou, Paris
Curtin University, Perth
Fonds Regional d’Art Contemporain, Languedoc-Roussillion
Ministère de la Culture, France
Musée Nicéphore Niepce, Chalon-sur-Saone
Neederlandse Kunstichting, Amsterdam
Polaroid International Collection
Artea, Piedemont, Italy