Aaron Baghetti

Aaron Baghetti was born in Milan by father Giancarlo, journalist and photographer, as well as known Ferrari Formula 1 race driver (the only rookie to have won a Grand Prix F1 at his first race). Aaron is interested in photography since childhood and already at the age of sixteen he decides to follow his passion and to become a professional photographer.
For years pursuing his career in the commercial sector, spanning in different fields, from cars to music, from fashion to design, he has become fond of any project with enthusiasm and dedication to the point of deciding not to limit himself to a specific boundary, but to be free to follow his inspiration of the moment.
The premature death of his father, has deeply marked him, but has also encouraged the growth of his own charisma, the development of a deep inner world, and a very keen sense of observation. This led to his artistic inspiration, to build on his cultural and emotional baggage (futurism, trans-avangarde, science fiction), generating his desire to raise his gaze, to look ahead, to travel around the world for shooting the powerful images of his first exhibition “Alza Lo Sguardo” (Tilt-up), and to finally focus on Fine Art Photography.
He has performed his first exhibition of Alza lo sguardo in May 2013 in Milan at MyOwnGallery- SuperstudioPiu’, in July 2014 in London at C99 Art Project Gallery, and in November 2014/February 2015 at the International Airport of Naples. In October 2013 and in May 2014 he has exposed at the London Photo Festival and has shown a motion photograph at Saatchi Gallery together with other shortlisted works from the Google+ and Saatchi Gallery Prize. In December 2014 he has launched his new project “Humans or Replicants – Love in the Age of the Unreal” at the Fifth edition of Art Takes Miami-Scope Art Miami. His latest project Natura 2.0 concerns the continuous change and adaptation of our environment. With his shots Aaron captures the creation of a New Nature that integrates with the remains of the machinery created and abandoned by the humans, and surprisingly evolves in a futuristic, yet post-modern landscape.

Aaron is based in London, and mainly works between London and Tuscany.

May 2013 – “Alza lo Sguardo” MyOwnGallery- SuperstudioPiu’, Milano
October 2013 – London Photo Festival, London
May 2014 – Motion Photography “Google+ and Saatchi Gallery Prize”, Saatchi Gallery, London
June 2014 – London Photo Festival, London
June-September 2014- “Alza lo Sguardo” (Tilt up), C99 Art Project Gallery, London
December 2014 – “Humans or Replicants- Love in the Age of the Unreal”, Art Takes Miami-Scope Art, Miami
November 2014-February 2015– “Alza lo Sguardo”, International Airport of Naples, Naples